Zoom Training with Cal ACS

In this age of COVID-19, our virtual world has expanded as our physical world has contracted.  With so much of our professional and personal lives moving to online platforms, we’re all trying to learn more about online meeting tools.  In California, all instructors in the state’s public university and community college system have access to Zoom accounts, but many of us had never used them before March of this year.  By now, probably every reader of the Vortex has participated in a Zoom meeting, and California Section Chair Jim Postma suggested that we organize some training sessions, to be sponsored by the Senior Chemists Committee.  At the College of Alameda, I’ve been fortunate to work with some talented distance education trainers, and Professor Diana Bajrami agreed to offer two introductory training sessions, which took place on May 11th and 13th (on Zoom of course).  You can access the PowerPoint presentation here. Other helpful links:

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On Zoom, your office can be in a distant galaxy . . .
Professor Diana Bajrami presents on 11 May 2020.