Lloyd Ryland Award

The 2014  recipient is Michelle Wynn- St. Ignatius College Preparatory, San Franciso

Lloyd Ryland Award

The 2013 recipient is Mrs. Sai Kumar,Mission San Jose High School,Fremont CA

Community College Award

The 2012 recipient was Jeanette Kokosinski from Feather River College. Quincy CA

Glenn Fuller Award

2013 (1st recipient) Dong Ying “Eileen” Wu

Grant Distribution for 2013

Jenelle Ball Chico HS  two LabQuest 2 data coll.interfaces
Brian Green Shasta Meadow Elem. School Materials
Brian Hopper Hoopa Valley High School Materials and supplies
Julie Hubbard Liberty High School Chemical and Lab equipmt
Mary Beth Smith El Molino High School Vernier Labquest equipment


Educational Grant Distribution for 2012

Jenelle Ball Chico HS Chem Matters CDs (40 1 yr sub)
Brian Green Shasta Meadow Elem. School Materials
Susan Hanifl Enterprise HS Centrifuge/Spectrometer
Alex Lee Irvington High School iPads with apps
Paula Simms Amador Valley HS Vernier Labquest equipment
Roy Ting James Logan HS lab coats