East Bay Mini Maker Faire - Sunday, October 27th 2019

Dan Calef and Alex Madonik were there bright and early on Sunday, October 27th at Oakland’s Park Day School for setup at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire.  We took the high wind warnings seriously, securing our canopy with four heavy concrete blocks (other exhibitors were busy filling do-it-yourself sandbags).  Build-a-Battery and UV-color-changing beads were again on the menu; our enhanced “Big Battery” featured ½” washers and stood fully one foot high, an impressive Voltaic pile.  Do-it-yourself scientists of all ages were able to try out various types of metal washers, and were rewarded by a display of flashing orange LED lights.  We were ably assisted by a team of UC Berkeley students from the chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma, led by their outreach co-chair, Jasmine Cisneros.