Solano Stroll 2022


With the return of the Solano Stroll on Sunday, September 11, 2022, California Section outreach volunteers could once again share hands-on chemistry with the public at this major street festival in Berkeley and Albany.  Hundreds of visitors stopped to try our activities (UV-color-changing beads and dyeing of different types of fibers). They collected Periodic Table wallet cards, NCW buttons and stickers, and copies of the NCW 2022 edition of Celebrating Chemistry. Thank you, Greti Séquin,
Michael Cheng, Jen Schmitt, Jerry Oliveras, Emiko Yoshizumi, and their friend Joyce!

Special thanks to Eileen Nottoli for working with me to create test cards with strands of acrylic, cotton, rayon, and wool for testing with various dyes.  Curious scientists of all ages could compare the effectiveness of synthetic dyes (food coloring) and carminic acid, the natural dye derived from cochineal insects.  They could also observe the color variation on fibers pretreated with acid, base, or some other mordant, and then take the results home with them.

The Solano Stroll is a great community event that gives us the chance to connect with teachers and other community organizations.  This year, we met a parent from a local elementary school who invited us to present weekly hands-on chemistry activities in their after-school program.  A half dozen Cal ACS volunteers have already participated, and around 40 first and second graders have enjoyed a dozen different activities so far.

Alex Madonik, NCW Coordinator