January 28 Science Cafe

December  Vortex

Analytical Position Open

California Section election results


Chair-elect Lou Rigali
Secretary Michael Cheng
Director Bryan Balazs
Member-at-Large Nikki Davis, Linda Wraxall, and Neal Byington
Councilor Sheila Kanodia, Alex Madonik, and Mark Frishberg
Alternate Councilor Neal Byington and Michael Cheng


Science Cafe Meeting December 10


No December Section Meeting


Solano IMG_4263_Charlie_Lee_Mark_270dpi-1Solano Stroll


Section Councillors’ report fall 2014


California Section Councilors’ Report August 2014

The report from the Section’s Councilors provides some insight to National ACS governance.


ChemLuminary Award Winner for Outstanding Performance

by a Local Section (Very Large Size) for 2013!IMG_1132_Rudd_Frishberg_Yokoyama_Wu final

Mark Frishberg, Chair and Wally Yokoyama, Past Chair, accept the Award

from Martin Rudd, LSAC Chair and Marinda Wu, ACS Past President.



Please check the nomination forms for Educational Awards, Lloyd Ryland  Award for Teachers, and the Chemistry Olympiad nominations


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