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Your Donations and sponsorships count, they allow the section to provide additional services to deserving students and teachers in our area. You can make a donation and direct the funds to the programs you would like to support. The Donation Button below will take you to a secure page where you can use either your credit card, your PayPal account or let PayPal process your credit card. There are no transaction fees to your account.

We are appreciative of the companies and individuals who have made one or more donations that help support a specific function like Section Meetings or one of our many out-reach programs. You can obtain additional information by emailing Charles Gluchowski,  He will be happy to describe exactly how your donation will be spent and the available options to properly acknowledge your generosity.

When appropriate we will acknowledge those donations with either a company logo/link or with the person’s name on this page. We encourage our members to avail themselves of the services when possible. Look for the Logos.

We thank Dr. Evaldo Kothny, a local member, for his donation of assorted laboratory glassware that he had used in his personal laboratory.  Dr. Kothny, author of the book, Trace Elements in the Environment, is a contributor of over 100 articles in the Section Newsletter, The Vortex. The glassware is being offered to High School Teachers on a first come, first serve basis.


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