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Petersen Award

Petersen Award

2016 Recipient

Margarita (Greti) Sequin

The purpose of the Walter B. Petersen Award is to recognize persons who have made significant contributions over a period of years to the well-being of the California Section. Walter B. Petersen, for whom this award is named, is thus honored for his many years of outstanding service to the Section. He held numerous section offices over the years and was Chair of the California Section in 1969. For many years he authored a popular column in the VORTEX entitled “Personals by Petersen” that covered news of promotions, awards and general information about Section members. It is in his honor, with recollection of his high standards of service, that we recognize others who have given significantly to the advancement of the California Section.

This award was established in 1982 and is supported by the California Section. Nominees must be a member, a former member, or an affiliate of the Section. The honoree is presented with an engraved plaque and a $200 gift from the Section to commemorate this award.

Past Recipients:

1982  Louis R. Pollack 1983  Theodore K. Cleveland
1984  Robert R. Grinstead
1985  Paul C. Condit
1986  Eda Kinney Gilman
1987  Frederick F.Rust
1988  Alan C. Nixon
1989  Glenn Fuller
1990  Attila E. Pavlath
1991  Don R.Baker
1992  Wilfred H. Ward
1993  John S.Sheahan
1994  Charles P. Brewer
1995  Malcolm S. Singer
1997  Elaine Yamaguchi
1998  Paul Vartanian
1999  Mary Singleton
2000  Igor Sobolev
2001  Linda Wraxall
2002  Robert Lundin
2003  Samuel Markowitz
2004  Bryan Balazs
2005  Marinda Wu
2006  Lou Rigali
2007  Alex Madonik
2008  Michael Cheng
2009 Alex Mihalovski
2010 Lee Latimer
2011 Neal Byington
2012 Sheila Kanodia
2013 Allen “Al”  Verstuyft
2014 Wally Yokoyama

2015 Eileen Nottoli