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Glenn Fuller Outstanding Project Seed Student Award

California Section Glenn Fuller Award for Project SEED II Students

Purpose: To recognize the significant and enduring contributions of Dr. Glenn Fuller to the Project SEED program within the California Section, the Section created an annual award upon his passing in 2012, with the aim of recognizing outstanding Project SEED II students.  Each year, one student will be awarded a commemorative plaque and a monetary gift (estimated at $100 for 2013) to commemorate the student’s completion of an outstanding SEED II program.

Eligibility: The Glenn Fuller Award will only be given to students who have completed a Project SEED II program within the California Section.  Selection of the awardee each year will be based on the quality of the student’s final report and presentation at the conclusion of the summer program, with the aim being to select the best student from all SEED II students in a given year.

There are no other restrictions on the recipient of the award, and there are no stipulations placed on the student as to how the award funds are to be spent.

Contact Information

California Section

Attn: Elaine Yamaguchi

(510) 351-9922