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Students & Educators

Students & Educators

The mission of the Education Committee is to communicate to high school teachers the resources available from the California Section and the national level organization, and to facilitate interactions between the Executive Committee and the section membership about the special issues and concerns that high school chemistry teachers have today regarding the state of high school chemistry education. The Education Committee facilitates placement of surplus laboratory equipment from industry and other donated resources to secondary and pre-secondary schools, and provides grants to teachers for chemical resources in the classroom.  The California Section also actively supports the International Chemistry Olympiad by publicizing this event among high schools and by organizing the initial phases of team selection for our region.

The Education Committee serves to acknowledge and support excellence in chemistry instruction in the classroom and actively endorses efforts to make chemistry accessible to all segments of our diverse student population. The Education Committee provides additional visibility for ACS in the important role it plays in its mission to encourage science literacy among members of the public.

Nomination for the 2013 National Chemistry Olympiad Exam

American Chemical Society, California Section

Return by March 15, 2013

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I would like to administer the Local Exam to help in my selection process or to challenge my students.

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Email, Mail or Fax this form to:

Donald MacLean

California Section, American Chemical Society

2950 Merced Street, Suite 225

San Leandro, CA   94577


FAX: (510) 351-9923

Ph.: (510) 351-9922 (Julie Mason)

Lloyd Ryland Outstanding High School Teacher Award

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