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HS Teachers

Lloyd Ryland Award Nominations – Due March 31
Nominations for the Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher are due by March 31. The teacher and the school’s chemistry department each receive $500. Details on the nomination are on our website.

Chemistry Olympiad
We have sent copies of the Chemistry Olympiad Local Exam to the teachers that requested it. The names and scores of students taking the exam are due by March 15. This year, I have prepared certificates and letters of appreciation to all students taking the exam. Our Section is allowed 18 students to take the National exam. Selection will be based on the highest scores on the Local Exam up to a maximum of two students per high school.

We had on January 24th the first of what I hope will be a continuing series of workshops for chemistry teachers. Although 16 teachers indicated they would come, only 4 came.

What follows is a short summary of what was an interesting, stimulating, and informative session.
· Anne Taylor, Ph.D., gave a talk about her successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting while raising two children, her volunteer work with both ACS and other organizations to interest girls in careers in science, and the process to develop new drugs an interesting examples of the importance of formulations.

· Paul Vartanian, Ph.D., presented two colorful demonstrations of magnesium hydroxide with vinegar using a universal indicator and oxidation of glucose.

· Lee Boyes and her former student Henry “Hoby” Wedler discussed effective teaching methods for visually impaired students and showed how to assist such students in demonstrations of exothermic reactions (mixing calcium chloride with water) and hydrogen bonding (mixing water and isopropyl alcohol).

· Caroline Lehman demonstrated the visible creation of a mole of water (500ml 2M NaOH + 500mL 2M HCl; 500 + 500 does not make 1000!) and also made a “snowstorm” with a solution of saturated potassium sulphate and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

We are willing to have additional workshops provided there is sufficient interest. We are working with Chevron to arrange a tour of the analytical lab based on interest expressed in our recent survey. We will also host a “hand-on” demonstration workshop and ask that you let us know what demos you are willing to do.

Eileen Nottoli
High School Chemistry Teacher Chair and Olympiad Coordinator